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Bedsa Caves Lonavala Address: Maval taluka, Pune, Maharashtra, 410405, India

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Situated near the village of Bedsa in the Maval taluka of Pune district, Maharashtra, Bedsa Caves stand as silent sentinels of a bygone era, whispering tales of ancient wisdom and artistic brilliance.

These rock-cut caves are one of the oldest caves in Maharashtra. A short visit to the Bedsa Caves will leave you nostalgic and wondering what those times would have been like.

All about the Bedsa Caves

The caves are a Buddhist rock-cut architecture dating back to the Satavahana period in the 1st century BCE.

There are two main caves - one is the Chaitya, also called the prayer hall. At this cave's entrance are three large columns with Hindu deities riding horses and cows. The Chaitya has little decoration with octagonal columns.

And the other is Vihāra or the monastery with stone-made beds in each room. The chamber has nine doors leading to individual cells, each adorned with a decorative arch surround.

Besides the two caves, there are a lot of other small caves, and one is made solely for meditation. What's interesting about the caves is that the spring waters below them naturally cool them.

Despite their architectural importance, these caves are less visited than other famous ones - Karla Caves and Bhaja Caves.

You have to do an easy hike of 400 steps to reach the caves starting from the Bedsa village.

A worn ticket office at the bottom of the hill suggests it is no longer in use due to fewer tourists.

As you climb the hill to reach the main site, you have broad views of the surrounding countryside and can pause to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Although the Bedsa Caves are among the smallest cave sites in the region, they are by no means insignificant with their scattered, isolated cells.

The caves retain their historical and architectural charm, offering a glimpse into ancient Buddhist architecture and spirituality amidst the serene countryside.

Entry fee and timings of Bedsa Caves

The Bedsa Caves do not have an entry fee, making them accessible to all its admirers free of charge.

The Bedsa caves face eastwards. So, it would be best to visit them at sunrise as the sun's rays enhance the beauty of the caves.

Best time to visit Bedsa Caves

The best time to visit the Bedsa Caves is during the cooler months, typically from October to March when the weather is pleasant to explore.

How to reach the Bedsa Caves?

Bedsa Caves are approximately 25 km from Lonavala and 29 km from Khandala. You can conveniently reach these places via train or road from Pune, Mumbai, or other nearby cities.

The frequent train runs from both cities make your journey to Lonavala or Khandala easy. You can even opt for a road journey from Mumbai or Pune and drive at your own pace while enjoying the beauty of this road journey.

Once you reach these places (Lonavala or Khandala), you can hire a taxi or use your private vehicle from top car rental companies in Lonavala to reach the village of Bedsa, where the caves are located.

The Bedsa Caves offer a serene retreat amidst nature's bounty and provide a fascinating glimpse into ancient Buddhist architecture and spirituality.

Whether you harbour a passion for history, take pride in nature's beauty, or yearn for a tranquil escape, exploring the Bedsa Caves promises to captivate and ignite your imagination. Experience the allure of history and nature's splendor with our carefully crafted Lonavala tour package from Lonavala Khandala Tourism. Our knowledgeable team will lead you on a mesmerising journey through time. For an unforgettable experience, Contact Us today and let us tailor your Lonavala adventure to perfection.

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