Admired as a small yet frequently visited hill station in Maharashtra, Khandala is a kind of tourist destination that tops the list of every traveler from Mumbai and Pune. After all, it has lush green valleys, dense forests, verdant landscapes, misty mountains, and pleasant weather that remains the same almost throughout the year.

While the magical charm and aura of this place inspire people to do something more exciting on the weekend than being in their comfort zone, the picturesque beauty leaves you spellbound every time you come, be it for a day or two. One can also take part in various recreational activities to add a fun factor to their overall trip.

Don’t forget to binge on its local cuisine which includes mouthwatering snacks like vada pav, chikki, and bhajiyas to discover the true flavors of Khandala. This tiny hamlet is also famous among the people for its soothing and rejuvenating spas, making it a perfect location for a relaxing getaway.

To enjoy your Khandala tour to the fullest, you need to visit the tourist attractions that receive huge crowds. And this is why we have curated a list that you can keep handy the next time you plan a getaway as an individual, as a couple, or with family. Here are the top 4 places to cover with our Khandala local sightseeing tour packages:

Kune Waterfalls

Counted among the top sightseeing places in Khandala, Kune Waterfalls is a three-tiered waterfall that stands at a height of around 200 meters from the ground level. It is a natural wonder where the water cascades down the hill, creating a stunning sight that draws the attention of thousands of visitors every year from far and wide.

The pool at the base of the waterfall is a popular spot for swimming and you can also take a refreshing dip in its cool waters to freshen yourself. However, caution should be exercised while swimming as the water can be deep and the current can be strong.

Bhushi Lake

Take some time out for Bhushi Lake to relax and unwind in its serene surroundings. Widely renowned for its natural beauty, Bhushi Lake is an ideal destination for wandering souls and has lush green hills and dense forests on all sides.

One of the main attractions of Bhushi Lake is the waterfall that flows into it. You can take a dip in the cool waters of the waterfall or simply enjoy the view from the surrounding rocks. The waterfall looks at its best during the monsoon season, when it is in full flow, making it appear even more beautiful than ever before.

It is also considered a great picnic spot where families and friends can have a fun-filled day out with their near and dear ones. Don’t miss exploring the small food stalls and shops around the lake that offer snacks, refreshments, and souvenirs.

Shooting Point

The next tourist attraction to cover with our Khandala local sightseeing tour packages is the Shooting Point in Khandala. It is a hidden gem that is slowly marking its place on the itinerary list of tourists looking to explore the unparalleled and unfiltered beauty of the hill station.

As the name suggests, the location is famous for shooting movies and television shows, owing to its picturesque surroundings and stunning views. It’s the panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys which make it a go-to destination for photographers who want to capture some worth cherishing pictures for their entire life.

Apart from its scenic beauty, the Shooting Point is also known for adventure activities like trekking and hiking. There are several trekking trails that lead to the top of the hills, offering breathtaking views of the entire region.

Celebrity Wax Museum

Visit the Celebrity Wax Museum to experience a similar kind of experience you get at the Madam Tussaud Museum in London. Located 6 km away from Khandala, the Celebrity Wax Museum houses the wax statues of many famous personalities from different fields such as movies, politics, sports, and music.

These include the images of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie, Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Rajiv Gandhi, AR Rahman, Kapil Dev, Kareena Kapoor, Bruce Lee, Mother Teresa, Sachin Tendulkar, Mahatma Gandhi, and more.

It would be worth noting that the Celebrity Wax Museum was established in the year 2005 and has since then become a must-visit destination for tourists of all age groups. Visitors can get up close with these wax figures and take pictures with them to cherish their visit forever. One can also stop by the souvenir shop to purchase mementos like the miniature version of the wax statues.

Whether it’s the scenic beauty or the thrill of the adventure sports that excite you to be in Khandala for a short or long duration, this tiny hamlet will surely blow your mind by offering you an experience you’ll never forget. You can explore all this and much more with our Khandala local sightseeing tour packages. Don’t hesitate to take help from our team of experts to curate an itinerary that covers all the tourist attractions you’d love to explore!

At Lonavala Khandala Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA, we take care of everyone’s varied holiday needs in mind and hence, design our Khandala tour packages accordingly. In case our all-inclusive packages don’t suit your desires, you can get them customized as per your prerequisites. You just need to tell us your preferences. Please fill out the Contact Us form to learn more about us!

How to Reach Khandala?

To be there in Khandala, you can choose from the following modes of transport to access your desired destination in your utmost comfort. For instance, if you like traveling by air, catch a flight to the Pune International Airport for a hassle-free experience. Outside the airport, you have the option of booking a private cab from the list of top car rental companies in Khandala to cover the required distance at your ease.

Next, enjoy a smooth train journey to Lonavala Railway Station from the metro cities of India like Mumbai and Pune. After arriving there in Lonavala, look for a local bus or an auto-rickshaw to commute further at reasonable prices.

There is also a facility of state-owned buses available to and from Khandala on an everyday basis. Not only is it a preferred way of traveling for millions of travelers but is also convenient for many. Alternatively, choose to self-drive to make the most of your road trip.